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  • “Amazing Denture Breakthrough MadeMe Appear 20 Years Younger, Look Completely Natural And SkyrocketedMy Confidence…Overnight!”

    Gwendolyn L.
    I had dentures for awhile and they were very uncomfortable. I wanted to feel better about myself and have more comfortable dentures. Since getting my new Strickland Facelift Dentures™ from Dr. Hoffman I’ve gotten many compliments. I’m getting more attention and men are being more flirtatious.
    Venus T.


    If you’ve HAD IT, with dentures that feel uncomfortable…look unnatural…and cause embarrassment and frustration, I have surprising news for you.

    It’s now possible to appear dramatically younger; like you had a facelift, have fuller lips, less wrinkles, a tighter neck, and have a filled out face. That’s what our patients have been telling us about this revolutionary new denture.

    Here’s what this is all about: My name is Dr. Howard Hoffman and for more than 35 years, I have been working with my patients to help them look and feel their best. I’ve been using the most effective solutions to transform their smile and change their lives, and we’ve had excellent results.

    Recently, I’ve come across something new and exciting. It’s a major denture breakthrough that uses a pain free, non-surgical treatment that addresses the hidden causes of that “sunken-in” face, unnatural looking smile, and making you look older than your years.

    This cutting edge denture system is called Strickland Facelift Dentures™ and I’ll tell you all about how they work in a moment.

    The Great Denture Betrayal

    The reason most people get dentures is to look natural, feel confident and appear as if they still have their teeth, but that is NOT what you get with typical dentures.

    The loss of your teeth causes many problems in your mouth and to your face. Aside from the obvious missing teeth, your original teeth and the bone material that held them in place, gave you “facial support”. Without your original teeth, that support deteriorates at an alarming rate.

    Traditional denture techniques are NOT designed to give you the facial support that you had with your original teeth. This muscle “mismanagement” causes you to look much older and have a “collapsed” look to your face.

    It can feel like a bad day everyday. That is why the vast majority of denture wearers I see are unhappy and even miserable with their appearance. In many cases,they avoid wearing their dentures, sometimes not even going out of the house.

    A “Facelift” From Dentures?
    You’ve Got To Be kidding!

    Unlike traditional dentures, Strickland Facelift Dentures™, are scientifically designed to give you the facial support your original teeth and bone gave. This helps to restore the soft facial tissue, allowing the denture to fit correctly.

    With this amazing breakthrough you will:

    • Instantly reverse the aging process. In just a few simple visits you may look and feel as much as 20 years younger.
    • No one will believe your real age.Be prepared show ID the next time you ask for a senior discount!
    • Our patients tell us they are able to eat foods they haven’t been able to eat for years.
    • Look like you had a facelift, WITHOUT the scars or recovery. (Your friends and family will accuse you of having a facelift, but only you will know the truth.)
    • Reduce your wrinkles quickly and easily (You may finally be able to throw away your anti-aging and anti-wrinkle cream…if you choose)
    • Have fuller, more beautiful lips.


    I understand, I would be too but…here is another success story from a former “traditional denture” wearer.

    Bill Before

    Bill After

    My new dentures are working very well. My smile is fabulous and I’m very pleased with it. The reaction from my friends and family has been incredible. I could NOT expect more from you and your wonderful staff. Not only would I do this again I would recommend anyone looking for dentures to take advantage of Dr. Hoffman and his incredible Strickland Facelift Dentures!-Bill. S.

    Are Strickland Facelift Dentures™ Right For You?
    Four Questions to Ask Yourself To Help You Decide

    1. Are You Truly Happy With Your Appearance Now That You Are Wearing Dentures? It’s bad enough to lose your teeth, you shouldn’t be forced to appear years older, have a “sunken-in” face and more wrinkles than a dried up prune. Isn’t it time you do something to finally feel good about how you look and feel?
    2. Do You Avoid Going Out In Public?Many denture wearers avoid spending time with friends, family or even going out in public,because of the way they their dentures make them look and feel. Some people simply stop wearing their dentures completely. This leads to lack of self-esteem and worse. Why allow this to happen to you when a solution is just a phone call away?
    3. Would Having Dentures That Made You Look Years Younger Make You Feel Better About Yourself? Everyone wants to look and feel younger. With the astonishing Strickland Facelift Dentures™, patients tell us they have been told they look as well as feel younger, eat anything they want and that their lives have been transformed.
    4. Are You Willing To Invest In Yourself? Very little in life is truly FREE. While you may just have the cost of time and effort, there is always a cost. If you truly want to look your best and neutralize some of the aging process, you MUST be willing to invest in yourself.


    My new dentures are great!All the comments and compliments from my friends and family are so nice. I would do it again in an instant!
    -Lolita I.

    This All Sounds Great. What Does It Cost?

    Every Strickland Facelift Dentures™ fitting is 100% custom tailored to you and your personal needs. I make it my personal responsibility to make sure your dentures look like real teeth, as well as fit as comfortably as possible.


    Because of the custom nature of each denture, it is impossible to simply toss out a price without first meeting with you and discussing your specific needs. This is one of the reasons our patients have such a youthful appearance as well as comfort with their new Strickland Facelift Dentures™.


    Put me to the test:I’m so confident you’ll look years younger, look natural and appear as though you had a facelift WITHOUT SURGERY! I have made the first step easy and FREE.


    Here’s the deal: I’ve created the “Fountain of Youth” consultation where we will work together to discuss and visualize how to erase some of the aging process, give you a stunning smile, fuller lips and skyrocket your confidence.


    The best part is that the consultation is 100% FREE ($279value). During your consultation we’ll take photos, a panoramic x-ray, and do an advanced oral cancer screening. This will help us determine if you are a candidate for this incredible breakthrough treatment.

    Call my office at 305-433-2646 right NOW to schedule your FREE “Fountain of Youth” consultation ($279 value).


    “Wow, my mom looks 20 years younger!” That’s what my daughter said to Dr. Hoffman when she came with me to my final fitting. I am very pleased. I should have sooner…much sooner!


    But There’s A Catch…

    You knew there had to be a catch right? The catch is I can only offer 12 FREE “Fountain of Youth” consultations. There is only so much time in a day and as I said earlier I have been in practice for more than 35 years, so my office is extremely busy with new and existing patients.


    If I am going to provide ALL my patients, including you, the personalized attention they deserve, I must limit the number of new patients and FREE “Fountain of Youth” consultations ($279 value). So you MUST act now before all the FREE slots are gone.


    Call today to take advantage of this special offer.



    Dr. Howard J Hoffman

    South Florida’s Youth Architect

    P.S. Even if you are happy with your existing dentures, imagine what it would be like to look and feel years younger. Don’t you owe it to yourself to check it out? Call my office at 305-433-2646 right now and you too can drink from the “fountain of youth”.

    Here is yet another set of before and after photos from one of our newly youthful looking patients.

    The Fine Print


    When I say 20 years younger, this is what many of our patients tell us. Understand of course, that a 50 year old woman is most likely not going to look 30. Also, some people will benefit from a surgical face lift procedure in addition to our Strickland Facelift Dentures™. I personally will work with you to achieve the best results that we can.




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